Thursday, April 16, 2009

Committed... Finally!

Part of brother Charlie's visit last week was devoted to getting me started on remodeling our entry to our split level home. This project has been in the cue for many years and now there's no turning back. We completed most of the demolition and did a lot of scheming and planning. The goal is to build the entrance to reflect our hobbies. Nora's collections are showcased on the crown molding shelves built from a variety of woods. The center entry railing that will replace the solid half-wall will be constructed of a variety of woods and include some modest inlay and dimensional attributes. The ceramic tile will also be replaced and the carpet has been removed from the steps allowing us to refinish the oak treads. All the casing and trim will be replaced as well. Stayed tuned!


Jim and Babs Weyenberg
celebrating their
50th Wedding Anniversary
on their new glider.

The week of April 5-10th, brother Charlie came to visit with project in hand. Together we built this sturdy bench with gliders using 6/4 oak. The plans and hardware are from Rockler. It was a great project. Charlie and Grace and 7 other friends presented this to Jim and Babs Weyenberg who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in April. We hope they have as much fun "gliding" and we had building it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Sitting Chronicles - Update Day 2

After a nice long night's sleep... It was time to play some more.

Our kitchen helper.

Helping with the laundry.

Who's that guy in the mirror?

He's as cute as me!

I think he's my new friend!!!

Measuring Willem on the same marker that his dad and uncle were recorded.

Everything is just ducky!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Sitting Chronicles - Update 4:59 pm

After his nap at noon, Willem was ready to go again. He played with grandmas rolling pins, rode the giraffe, generally chased around playing with everything, but especially enjoyed the french door with windows just at the right height for him. He opened (with a bit of help) and closed that door about 10,000 times - and giggled every time. He also went for a couple mile walk with grandpa and rang the cow bell. He also entertained a couple of visitors this afternoon. He is a well adjusted, happy and entertaining little boy. He likes to say hi, shake his head no and squeeze his hands at you to say good bye. He's a real people person and a charmer. Oh, oh - gotta go again!

Baby Sitting Chronicles 9:50am

Today is a special day for Grandma and Grampa Fuller. They get to baby sit Willem while mom and dad attend a workshop in Red Wing, MN. ...oh oh, gotta go, Willems on the move. More later...


Grandma teaches Willem how to cook chocolate frosting.

But alas --- none for Willem!

Willem helps clean the Cheerios from the kitchen floor.

All dressed for the day.

Willem climbs onto the giraffe that his dad and uncle rode when they were 13 months old.