Monday, September 28, 2009

Prairie Home Companion

On Saturday, September 26 Nora and I and our friends Bob & Norma attended the season opening of the Prairie Home Companion at the Fitzgerald Theatre in St Paul. Marc and Amy and her father Tom also attended. This was Garrison Keillor's first show since suffering a mild stroke on Labor Day. He was in rare form with performances that moved quickly and entertained constantly. The theatre was packed by an appreciative crowd. It was fun to see what really happens during the live radio program. We sat in the second balcony nose bleed section. We had greet seats only one row back from the front. Following the show was the annual street dance and meat loaf dinner.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gate Makers

Today I returned from a fun and rewarding weekend working with Brian building an Erin designed gate for their fenced yard. ...and Roger came along and joined in the fun as well. Now Willem and the Hayden have a more secure play area.

Brian surveys the project.

Brian and Roger prepare to attach the hinges.

Brian assembles one side of the door "sandwich".

The finished door and fence.

Brian, Erin and Willem check out the finished project from their front sidewalk.

Recent Geocaching

Geocaching has proven to be a fun experience and I've been doing quite a bit lately. In late August brother Charlie and I were joined by Roger and Bob for an afternoon at Phillips Park outside of Eau Claire. Labor Day weekend Nora was quite patient with me as I cached our way from Eau Claire to Appleton, stopping numerous times to hunt for caches. Then Grace, Charlie, their granddaughters and I cached around Kaukauna. Later, Bob, Charlie and I were joined by Rich for some interesting caches in Door County. Roger and I cached our way to Spring Green and back this past weekend.

Caching at Phillips park near Eau Claire

Cachers in Kaukauna. Charlie and Grace cache under the name IMFULR2 while the three granddaughters are IMFULR3. I'm IMFULR! Coletta had found a geocache in the woods behind her home while attending a workshop this summer. She knew what it was from our June caching session. she left it alone without looking inside. We found it together during our recent session. We're all pretty proud of her for not disturbing it and not telling her friends where it was located.

Caching at the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal.

Roger found a beautiful Army Geocoin that he will move to another location. Seemed appropriate as he found it on 9/11. The cache is called On the Summit and is on Hwy 58 south of Mauston.

These are some iron crosses at a cemetery near Plain, WI. The cache is called WSQ Saint Lukes Iron Crosses.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BeatleFest 2009 - Spring Green

The fun of our Labor Day weekend in Door County was extended into Monday when we drove to Spring Green for the 1st BeatleFest at the General Store. Daughter-in-law Erin played some challenging Beatle music along with the other three performers in the group called Thieves on Holiday. They played a 45 minute gig that afternoon.

Below: That's Chris on the left, Connie and Erin. The drummer unfortunately can't be seen.