Tuesday, September 2, 2008

RW Open 2008

The Golfers
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The 6th Annual RW Golf outing was held over the Labor day weekend in Door County. Check out the history of the gathering and previous year group photos at the RW web page. This year we had 5 foursomes at the Orchards in Egg Harbor on Sunday followed by a picnic dinner at Pat's home. New traveling trophys were presented to the men's and women's winners as well as the high scorers. Check out the photos (slide show) of the winners and a few others. Saturday at the lake was loads of fun punctuated by an emergency operation on the waverunner to remove a tow rope it swallowed. This was all documented in photos (slide show) also.
A special thanks to Pat for all the work and time that goes into making arrangements and preparing for and serving the Saturday and Sunday evening meals. To Mary and Joel for all their work associated with the RW Golf Outing and to everyone who contributed to an enjoyable time for all -- Thank you!
Below are the RW Golf winner's listings...

The Traveling Trophys

Men's - Rick Fuller 81
Women's - Mary Anthony 92
Men's High - Bob Klimpke
Women's High - Lori Scott

Certificates were awarded to the winners defined below.
The rules indicate that in the event of a tie, anyone who has already won something in any category yields the tie to those who have not.

#2 Closest to the pin in 2 - Louie Roder
#4 Longest drive in fairway: Men - Rick, Women - Betty
#6 Closest to pin in 1 - Mary Anthony
#8 Shortest Drive - John
#9 Longest putt, Women - Pat Fuller
#11 Longest putt, Men - Marc with an incredible 57' 11" (Thanks to Charlie for the new putt measure devices)
#12 Lowest score - Joel Anthony
#14 Most putts - Jeff
#16 Lowest score - 6 way tie - Joe Lucas and Mike Fuller awarded
#18 Highest score - Denny

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Joel Anthony said...

Bob: this is great stuff. Thank you again for all the help and making it a great weekend.